Do Not Miss this one of a kind revolutionary class.  Palmer takes you on a brilliant journey of self discovery. Break barriers, overcome self doubt, and get inspired to achieve your full artistic potential. You will never be the same.



1-3 Day intensive. Includes Palmer's signature BTBF dance class, choreography with vocals, scenework, explore your sexy, vocal challenges, improvisation and more.  For serious artists only. Physically and emotionally demanding.  Curate with Palmer to tailor worshop for your group or let Palmer do her thing.

BREAK THROUGH ... BREAK FREE Dance for Artists

1-2 Hour Masterclass. Release and free the artist within.Explore several dance styles, stretch, and go crazy in a safe and supportive environment. You will never be the same! Classes available on Zoom with excellent sound and tech support.



Sarah, New York

"This body movement class was an experience that I am glad I was able to partake in. I was able to truly challenge my inner self and let go of mental blocks as well as break barriers that I have built around myself. From just acting like a puppet to a ballerina to punching like a boxer and then standing tall like the wonder woman that I am. This was truly an extraordinary experience and I am grateful for the lessons learned."

Haylie, Germany

"So by doing this I learned that it’s me that’s holding me back. When we did the chains and trying to break through the chains I realized a lot of things that are holding me back and that is myself thinking I can’t do it, myself thinking I’m not worth it, and me wanting others to do it for me. But when I broke through the chains it made me realize that I am able to do it and that I shouldn’t have to hold myself back. I really appreciated today because a lot of those things I was struggling with recently, I’m able to break through. I know I’ll have some days where it’ll be hard and some days are always hard but I’ll be able to remember breaking through the chains and me being able to do it."

Rebecca, Norway

Dear Palmer

Normally when I do something I only show the tip of the iceberg. Some things break and some things build. Through that class Palmer dived and showed me the beautiful part of that iceberg that no one got to see before. And now, even if there wouldn’t be any seas anymore... I would be proud to show myself! Thank you.