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Welcome to PDX! How did we get here?

Dec 06, 2020


It was March 16. I had  just returned from an amazing trip to visit my son at school  in New york. We rode bikes through central park and I took my son to his First Broadway Musical! 

Looking back I'm so glad we splurged and bought two front row Mezzanine seats to  Jagged Little Pill. It rocked!

Like so many other people, my husband and I watched our employment dissapear. The after school theatre arts enrichment program I spent 15 years building dwindled to a few brave 4th graders who were patient enough to watch me fumble through and hour on Google Meet. Torturous. The Jewish Retirement Home where my husband and I taught a combinded 20 classes a week, naturally had to be closed.  And until further notice, all shows and  performances were cancelled. 

So I did what I always do when life gets tough. Eat chocolate, drink wine... and Workout!  With no schedule, no purpose I knew my days of sanity were numbered.  So I jumped on Facebook, broke some copy right laws, put one some rockin tunes and started working out Live.  And guess what, people joined in!!!

For the next 60 days straight I yogaed, cardio danced, and lifted weights with over 100 of my friends from all over the globe.  It was awesome.  It kept some of the Covid 19 off and it started my dream of building an online workout platform I had always been wanted to build but never had the time to implement. 

A few weeks into the quarantine my husband and I took a long hard look at our options.  Rent forgiveness is a great idea, but cha still have to pay it back.  Then we found it. The answer to our prayers.  We were gonna drive 18 wheelers.  Essential works, free training,  good pay... we even thought of making a reality show about it.  He'd drive, I'd fall asleep, and then we'd pull over and do calisthenics at rest stops every 300 miles. Before we started to make the calls, I got on a Zoom call with my childhood girlfriends and announced our big plans.  Long story short, my friend offered us a job managing a storage facilty and a place to live in...Salinas CA.  Yes, we are central coasters!  Just north of Monterey, behind the lettuce curtain and smack the middle of broccoli fields and the our new home. 

We have met so many new and interesting people at the storage facility.  As you can imagine, we have heard so many tales of hardship and strength from our tenents who have been misplaced, in transition and are working through struggles of their own. 

But as crazy as things have gotten I am blessed!  Why? Because I have my health and the education and experience of how to share my knowledge with others. 

I finished up the 60 days of quarantine workouts in our new home, and right away I started planning for the next phase. The Palmer Dance Experience Online Platform, a Kajabi based program where all my workouts are recorded, uploaded and ready to share with all of you.  Oh, and a kick butt CRM!

It took a while to finance new equipment, computer, camera, and audio mixer, but with a little help and lots of creativity, I finally have what I need to deliver a quality product.

We started with the 30 day Challenge , scaled back and did the 21 Day Restorative Program (for clients with special needs, injuries and seniors) while I nursed foot that just underwent surgery, progressed to the Ramp Up & Launch Series, and Just finished the 20 Outta 30 Series!  All of these series are uploaded into the PDX Library and are just a click away.  Yoga, Cardio Dance, Chair Dance for Seniors, Sculpt, HIIT, even specialty classes like Get Your Sexy On and Dance Around the World.

 7 months later, PDX is finally launching it's subscription membership program!!

 Thanks to the support and encouragement of all of you out there I have continued this journey and created The Palmer Dance Experience Optimal Dance/Fit Cross Training Program! Here at PDX we meet you where your at...and take you to the next level.  Thank you for reading our little story.  I hope to see you on Zoom soon!!

Regular Schedule

Monday:  9am

Friday 11:30 am

Specialty class announced Sunday Nights!!!


 PDX Subscription is ready to go!!!

February Special 

Subscribe during the month of February and get 25% all Subscriptions in perpetuity!!  

Yes, from here on 25% off every single month!!

ACCESS to All Recorded PDX Series and Classes

12 Live Zoom  classes per month

3-6 PDX Flash 10-20 min targeted impromptu workouts.

15 minute consultation


Go month to month or sign up for  3 months at a time!

1. PDX ON DEMAND- Recorded classes only

2. PDX LIVE !!!  All Live and recorded classes

3. PDX VIP:  LIve Recorded and private coaching!

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