Healthy Meal & Snack Ideas + Recipes

Learn to view healthy food in a new way.  Turn your food into art!

 Healthy AND Fun

Do you feel unsatisfied when eating healthy? Many people have a perception that healthy food is "boring". However, it doesn't have to be! On this page you'll find ideas and tips that'll help you make your diet healthy AND enjoyable.

NO limits!

There are absolutely no limits to what you can create. Let your creativity run wild and come up with your own healthy, fancy & delicious meals. Feel free to use this page as inspiration!

PS: All the food here is pescatarian, so no meat, just fish & shrimp:)

Ideas + recipes for healthy food

Sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas for healthy meals & snacks. Below, you can download documents with different ideas and recipes which you can either follow or use as inspiration:)


Ideas to save you from mindless, unhealthy snacking:) 



Don't know what to eat? Here's some inspiration:) 



Want something sweet but healthy? No problemo:)


Benefits of eating healthy

You feel better

Healthy food = Healthy brain

Have you noticed how you feel after eating certain types of food? For instance, how do you feel after having a McDonalds meal vs. a fresh salad? The McDonalds meal makes you feel heavy and sluggish right? And if I'm right, the salad makes you feel refreshed and energised. 

A healthy diet usually leads to a better mood and a happier life. Fueling your body with the right things can turn your days from rainy to sunshine and blue skies. 

Boosts your immune system

 More nutrients = Less viruses

The more nutrients you consume, the stronger your immune system will be. You'll be able to fight off more viruses and won't get sick as often. Sounds nice right? Do some research on which nutrients you need, and make sure you include healthy foods in your diet that contain what you need. 

Try to get most of your nutrients from food. But of course, take the supplements you need for optimal health! Just make sure there's a lot of variety in your diet.

You perform better

Better diet = More energy

You've probably experienced periods where you're tired, have low energy and feel like you're not able to perform as well as usual. Have you ever considered that your diet could have played a part in  this?

When you're lacking the nutrients you need & consume high amounts of unhealthy, empty calories, your body isn't getting the fuel it needs to function properly.

However, when you're fueling your body with healthy, nutrient dense food, your body will start thriving. You'll notice how your energy levels rise and how your mood brightens.

A healthy diet also helps you make the most out of your workouts!