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        Monday June 7  9:00 am  Low Impact Body works

        Wednesday June 9  12:30  Cardio + Weights

        Thursday June 10  10:00am  Stretch Sweat and Tone



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Get Strong, Get Slim, Get Sexy...PDX meets you where you're at.


Congratulations you found us!!

No matter where you are in your exercise regime we are here to grow with you and take you to the next level. As a former athlete, professional dancer and mother of two I understand the journey our bodies go through and what it takes to keep it strong, flexible and free from injury as we go into the next stage of our lives.

Studies show that a combination of strength, hiit, dance and stretching yields maximum results for both brain and body health. I am living proof!  As a competitive high school athelete and professional dancer I know how injuries and set backs we've had in our youth can affect us once we head into our 50's and beyond. 

That's why I am so proud of the Palmer Dance Experience Optimal dance/fit Cross Training Program. I've designed a program to rebuild the body gracefully and effectively by combining sports training, physical therapy rehabilitation, and dance vocabulary and technique. 

  • Attain Great Posture
  • Strengthen and increase muscle mass
  • Build up cardio endurance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Find your sexy sensual self

If you're ready to regain the energy, mobility and confidence from your youth and more... I invite you to explore the Palmer Dance Experience.

Contact us for a free consultation to see if PDX is the right choice for you. 

I can't wait for you to discover the hidden treasures with The Palmer Dance Experience!

Palmer, Founder 



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 Read what PDX clients are saying!



"I have been working out with Palmer for six weeks, three times a week, and I highly recommend her approach. Her brilliant sessions encompass my favorite disciplines: Pilates, HIIT, yoga, strength training with free weights and resistance bands, and lots of cardio. She mixes it up in such a way that your body has no chance to slip into a rut--you will be challenged at every turn. My posture is 100% better; my arms, legs and core are getting toned and stronger. Overall, I am so happy with the results. Especially in this time of staying home, I appreciate my workouts with Palmer--I look forward to them!"

Julie R, Writer


"45 min flies by when you’re having fun. Loved your incorporation of dance steps tonight (salsa and swing), core work, and also just like your overall format - stretch/warm up, to workout, to stretch/cool down. Your stretch work tonight helped relieve a little election tension. I'm loving my PDX!"

Rachell Z, CNA






"I love the ballet based exercises. I stand on my feet all day and I’m a little  overweight. But I am feeling a difference and I feel like I’m looking better already and I’ve only done about 7 of your workouts this month!"

Sally V,  Hair Stylist